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We design individually your furniture so that the project is fully consistent with your needs and  requirements as well as the size and characteristics of the room. We provide a wide range of    catalogs and samples, and you can easily choose the desired patterns, materials and color combinations. We offer 3D-visualization, too.





When you order furniture from us, you can be sure it will be practical, ergonomic and functional; will be fully fitted with your lifestyle. The deadline for implementation of each project is different depending on the specifics contained in the project. As soon as the project is approved by you, we can give you the final price. We calculate it on the basis of exact sizes, all the materials, components, mechanisms, colors and accessories you had chosen. The price can optionally include appliances, sinks, batteries, mattresses and others and our team can assist you with picking out and purchasing them.




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NILO EOOD has its own workshop based in Voivodinovo, 7 Buzludzha Str. We produce your furniture with uncompromising quality of materials and services, with style and attention to details.






Specialized transportation provided by the company – to any point in Bulgaria and always on time. The transport service is calculated separately from the price of the furniture and varies depending on whether the delivery is within the city or to another city. Delivery “door to door” is paid as follows: 30 levs for floors 1-3, for each subsequent floor + 5 levs per floor.






Our team of professionals installs your furniture fast, easy and without engaging your personal time. The duration varies – starting from several hours to several days depending on the complexity of the project, the quality of the repairs within the room and others.






The furniture, manufactured by NILO EOOD , arrives at your home, office or commercial facility together with a Warranty Card. This is our commitment to your peace of mind – because we are responsible for everything we recommend and receive your trust for. In addition to the warranty card you will receive the document “Safety instructions and recommendations for operation and maintenance of the furniture.”

– Two years’ warranty for furniture (frames, doors, worktops and wall panels)
– Two years’ warranty  for mechanisms (pull and lift systems, hinges, etc.), fittings and furniture accessories (handles, feet, plinths, pedestals, etc.).