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We present you natural (interior) moss growing in the polar regions of our amazing planet.

Characteristics and qualities: The interior moss is a natural material that can be used in many ways in the interior design. In nature moss grows very slowly, 5-7 mm per year. The natural structure and softness of the blades is preserved through a special procedure of embalming. The moss endures for years if it is not touch constantly and not exposed to harsh climate conditions. Harmless dyes are used to achieve beautiful and interesting colors. The color variety allows integrating the moss in different styles and atmospheres. Surfaces, shapes and structures made of natural moss add a sense of freshness in the interior and a connection with nature. Apart from its unquestionable beauty, the polar moss has valuable practical properties. For many years people have used natural moss for fuel, heat insulation, carpets, and bedding. The moss is an excellent sound-insulating material; it absorbs noise and particularly the frequency ranges of the human speech. The moss also captures light reflections. It is a fire-resistant material that slows down the ignition of the surface on which it is mounted. The moss is great for keeping the room temperature. All these properties make it an excellent accent to the interior. Besides pleasing the senses, interior moss is also a functional partner in domestication of the space.

Maintenance: The products of interior decorative moss are intended for indoors use only. The material is simple and easy to maintain and store; it does not require light or water. The moss does not contain allergens or other health-compromising ingredients. It does not attract insects and does not create conditions for development of microorganisms and mold. The moss does not absorb odors and/or cigarette smoke. It has a slight odor of polar forest vegetation and its softness depends on the humidity in the room. The polar moss is used wonderfully in the interior design of bathrooms due to the higher levels of humidity in those spaces. For indoors solutions: with air humidity below 50% the moss becomes dry and brittle. In those cases the moss should be handled gently. As the humidity rises, it softens again. The interior moss can dry out and soften several times over without these processes causing any harm to it. To restore its softness, you can use a sprayer and a small amount of water to moisten. The moss can be cleaned thoroughly with a soft dusting brush.

The production of panels and walls of polar moss is a process entirely carried out by hand. Each blade is placed separately in order to achieve the best density. To cover larger surfaces, the moss is pre-arranged in smaller individual panels that are connected when installing.

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